Final Reflections

I have been home for about a couple of months now but it feels like my time in Spain was a lifetime ago. Part of me is somewhere wandering the streets of Triana and the rest longing to join her. I miss Sevilla and my life there. It took two weeks to adjust back to my American way of life and to adjust to the time change. I have not taken a nap since returning and am convinced that I will perish soon without one. Regardless, I had an amazing experience and would like to share my post trip relfections.

What I miss the most….

There are so many things that I miss about Spain such as the weather, the smell of churros in the air as I walked to class, and the people who smiled even when it rained. It would be easy to say that I miss the culture but that does not really explain it. I miss seeing the street performers either dancing Flamenco or posing as statues. The coffee shops with their perfect cafe and hanging out by the river with friends. There is so much that I miss but there are a few things that I miss the most.

For starters, I miss the people that I have met along the way. I made friends and we went on adventures all over the city. From shopping to clubbing to meeting up for study groups, the friends I made in Sevilla where what made the expereince so amazing. Not only did we get to enjoy classes together but the Spanish Studies Abroad program brought us to some fascinating places such as Italica and Cadiz.

The trips that we took in the program were a lot of fun. The old Roman cities that barely have their foundations left, the museums full of history, and the rich history of the places we visited were stunning. The old architecture was inspiring, the intricate details on the cathedral to the statues that lined the streets. It was a beautiful city and I am excited to see it again one day.

I am unable to fully express the way I miss Sevilla. The smells, the food, the places. It was as though I had gone to a whole new universe. Looking out my apartment window in Sevilla, I saw people walking and talking with friends, heading out to get tapas, and enjoying the beautiful weather. In my apartment back in the states, I see empty sidewalks and people occasionally driving by. The differences are shocking but I love both places. There is something to be said about being home and although I miss Spain, I will have the opportunity to visit again.

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