Sevilla: My Second Home

“Torre de Oro” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

What feels like an ancient city filled with tourists and modern inventions is where my journey began. The cobblestone streets and horses pulling wagons was something out of a documentary but yet there it was, actually happening in front of me. I watched as the horses jogged alongside buses and stopped at red lights too. This city is a mix of new and old, the past and the furure as if the two were the same. The intricate designs on older buildings were absolutely stunning, it still amazes me how people are able to carve such beauty into stone that then lasts for centuries. The Torre de Oro is an old watch tower that was built to maintain those who traveled on the canal. It is not actually made out of gold but has earned the name due to the glittering spectacle that it becomes in the sunlight.

“Catedral” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

The city is home to the third largest catherdral in the world. This amazing structure is not only a place of worship and history, but also a magnificent piece of art that has stunned people since it was built. Originally a mosque, the tower as the only remaining peice of its past, the catherdral draws in tourists from its sheer massiveness to its intricate design. Here lies the remains of Christopher Columbus, a hero to the people of Spain. I found myself in complete awe at how enormous and beautiful this structure is.

“View from the Tower” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

Words cannot accurately describe how inspiring it is to see the dedication and hard work of those who have come before us. The inside is just as spectacular. I have never felt so small before. The gold, the statues, and the paintings were quite amazing, but what was truly fascinating were the small glimpses of the mosque that once resided there. It is a show of power and the strenght of Catholic Spain and I found myself wondering how anyone could ever achieve such a task in modern society.

“The tomb of Columbus” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

Aside from the cathedral, there are many beautiful sights to be seen. The buildings are all quite magnificent but so are the parks, although it is a city, there are many trees and places to embrace the beauty of nature. I found myself drawn to “el rio” which divides El Centro from the neighborhoods of  Los Remedios y Triana. It is actually a man made canal but those who call Sevilla their home simply call it the river. Here groups of friends can walk along the path and chit chat or enjoy “el botellon”. This is an interesting activity that the youth of Spain enjoy, simply put, it is social drinking in the streets or in this case, by the river.

“El Rio” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

One of my favorite places is “La Plaza de Espana” which includes a beautiful park and a massive government building. Here people enjoy walking under the shade of the trees, taking boat rides in the small mote, and listening to music as they enjoy the beauty of this remarkable place. I find myself drawn to the wooded parts, the heat here is unbelievable, but also there are so many birds and I love to sit and listen to them sing. There are many plazas here in Sevilla, but this one holds a special place in my heart. I have pet many dogs here and have tried to pet the stray cats as well. I feel as though it is a magical place of peace in such a busy city. It makes one forget about the worries of this world and takes you back to childhood when all that mattered was play.

“Plaza de Espana” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

Sevilla is quite an amazing city and although I have been here for a month and a half, I still have not been able to explore every part. I am not a city girl, but this one has certainly grown on me. I am excited to continue my adventures and embrace a culture that is so different from my own.

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