Begining of the end…

As I enter into my last semester as an undergraduate student, I have to seriously start thinking about my future and how I can use my degree to reach my personal and professional goals. I am currently studying Biology and Spanish language at KSC and although I have professional plans for the Biology aspect of my studies, my knowledge of the Spanish language has mostly been for the enrichment of my soul. It may seem like an overwhelming task, planning one’s future, but with a solid support system of friends, family, and my amazing professors, I feel confident that I will be successful.

The end goal has been the same for years, I would love to be a veterinarian and work in the field of rehabilitation for wildlife. I am especially fond of squirrels. Reaching that goal, is the journey that I must plan out and execute, hopefully incorporating my passion for Spanish language and culture.

Orphaned Baby Squirrels Rescued” by Vet Ranch (CC 4.0)

The obvious next step after graduation would be to attend a graduate program to get my DVM. Ideally, I would have started this process already, however, life happens. I plan to take a year off to explore my options, get my credentials in order, and relocate to establish residency where I plan to earn my degree.

What I know so far is that I must pass my GRE, apply to the program, get accepted, and find the funds to pay for it. What I am unsure of is how to actually do all of that. With hard work and deterimination I should be able to figure it out and smoothly transition into the next chapter of my life.

Wish me luck!

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