Career Path Diagram

As part of our experience as young adults, we must plan for our future if we wish to be successful. So here is my attempt at planning the next steps of my life…

Plan A:

  1. Graduate from KSC
  2. Relocate to North Carolina
  3. Establish residency in NC
  4. Gain experience by working in a veterinary hospital (200 hours required)
  5. Take GRE
  6. Apply to NC State DVM program
  7. Take the four year program
  8. Graduate
  9. Work in a veterinary hospital or rehabilitation center
  10. Retire
  11. Teach at a University

To be honest, the gaining of experience could be done anywhere, I am just ready for some change. Also, North Carolina is lot closer to my family than NH.

Plan B:

  1. Graduate from KSC
  2. Stay in the area to gain experience in veterinary practice
  3. Move…?
  4. Apply to graduate school- NC State..?
  5. Four year program
  6. Graduate
  7. Be a vet

This one is basically the same as before but it shows the plan should I stay in the Keene area after graduation. Also, if I stay in the area before I apply, I can apply to anywhere because I will have not yet settled anywhere permanent.

Plan C:

  1. Graduate KSC
  2. Work for a veterinarian somewhere
  3. Become content
  4. Get 50 cats

This is the last resort, hopefully I am able to get my degree, but one never knows because life happens.

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