Digital Identity

Online Identity” by Marc Pletinckx (CC BY 4.0)

Technological advancements have brought humanity into the age of the internet, and with it, the possibility to connect with people across the globe with ease. The ability to share information, collaborate, and learn by simply logging into a computer or smart phone has changed the way we interact and view the world around us. Our entire lives are digitized onto hard drives, especially now that companies are going paperless.

A digital identity is the self that one portrays through social media and interacting on the internet with others. It consists of facts about yourself and the compilation of your online activities. Your digital attributes would include your birthdate and medical records that are now all filed electronically, as well as any government issued identification that is stored within the system. The other aspect of your digital identity is the way in which you interact online. This could include posting photos and informations about yourself on social media, watching and liking videos on YouTube, your search history and purchase history, and application downloads. Compiled together, these characteristics develop into a digital identity that allows others to view your experiences and generate credibility among your peers and potential employers.

Social Media” by 2nd Lt. Brittany Curry (CC BY 4.0)

Your digitial identity is built as you build your profile, establish your likes/dislikes, get followers/follow others, and network within communities that interest you. Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have search tools where you can look up hashtags, people, or topics that relate to your areas of interest. Interacting by sharing posts, commenting on posts, or simply just liking a post are great ways to network and establish solid connections that could help you achieve your goals in the future.

Personally, my digital identity is small. I have email like most people. For my academic pursuits and networking I have a Twitter (@has6595) that I use to keep up with various animal related organizations, politics, and to tweet about my blog posts. I am slowly developing a LinkedIn for my professional digitial identity but have to familiarize myself with it some more before I feel confident in my control of my profile. My personal accounts on Facebook and Instagram are much more developed and my obsession with all animals cute and furry is quite obvious. I make sure to keep my posts on both of my personal accounts professional, but I do use them more freely. My goal right now, is to connect with more veterinarians through my professional accounts, Twitter and LinkedIn, so that I can begin gaining experience in my intended field.

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